The Traffic Light Radio Station Software

The Traffic Light – a complete traffic, billing, and accounts receivable package is available for the IBM compatible computer system – in use since 1988. Although written and designed for the small market radio station the system offers the following features:

Hardware Requirements and Pricing
The price of The Traffic Light logging and billing system is $795.00 plus Ga. sales tax, if applicable. Each program is customized with station’s name, address and call sign. A 3.0 (or higher) DOS system is required. Less than 3 mbyte hard disk space is required and even an old XT or 286 IBM compatible will provide good results. A $150 dot matrix printer is adequate or one of the new small personal laser printers will work fine. Laser Printer codes are included for the HP class of printers and others can be installed.

Free Demo Program
A limited use version of the program is available that includes sample data. This will let you generate shortened logs and print out many of the reports. This demo will work on any IBM compatible computer with 640K memory. A hard drive should be available to install the demo which will take less than 2 MB of hard disk space. Both 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 inch formats are available. A printer should be available that will print condensed print (17 c.p.i.)

The Ultimate Money-back Guarantee
Want to try it before you buy? No problem. A full working copy designed to work only 3 months will be provided complete with manual. Use The Traffic Light system on your computer or a borrowed one for two full months and if during the 3rd month you decide to purchase the system then mail the $795 purchase price for your purchase update files. If you will try it we know you will agree that the HDS system can't be beat for value. The HDS Traffic Light is always on green - ready to go.

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