Zip Code/County Add-On Package

  • This was designed for the 10-10 County Hunter!
    This program is an add-on package for the 1010 or
    1010SB Contest program and includes the following:

  • The ZIP Code/County Program. Input a Zip Code
    and the city, state, county seat, latitude & longitude,
    and county are displayed. Displays all hams with 10-10
    numbers in a given Zip Code or county. This is ideal for
    finding all the hams with 10X numbers in a needed
    county. Plus other searches and displays.

  • The complimentary K4HAV Address DataBase and
    Address program which prints address labels for the
    QSL program which is included in the 1010/1010SB
    program or addresses for any call entered that is in
    the DataBase. The address program also gives address
    and county for a selected call. This Address DataBase
    contains approximately 54,000 addresses of U.S. and
    Canadian hams who have 10-10 numbers. This
    database is used with the 1010 and 1010SB programs
    to give the county, full name and address of the station
    by hitting the F1 key. This database requires about
    2.5 Mbytes of hard disk space. This database is ideal
    if you do not have room (or a CD ROM Drive) for the four
    mentioned (in the section on 1010) commercial programs.
    This Address DataBase also has each U.S. stationís
    coordinates so when you hit F1 in the contest program
    the beam heading and distance will also be given.

  • A program to printout Beam Headings from your QTH.
    The 1010 and ZIP/Co programs come with the userís
    latitude and longitude pre-entered, but can be
    user-modified in a SETUP program.
  • If you are a 1010CH County Hunter Program user, a
    message will indicate during a contest if the county is a new
    one by checking the 1010CH county index file when the Fl key
    is hit in 1010 during a contest. A separate file is generated
    during the contest for new counties worked for later use.

  • The Zip Code/County add-on package is priced at $25.00
    postpaid (both U.S. and DX Airmail). Please use order
    blank. Program updates are available for $10.00 postpaid
    ($12.50 for DX Airmail) and include latest program
    version and updated Databases. For $15.00 any two
    programs can be updated. For $20.00 all three programs
    can be updated. For Zip Code/County orders or updates
    requested on 360K 5ľ" diskettes please add $5.00 due
    to the large number of disks and extra postage required.


    Please Mail Following Info To:
    Hardy Data Systems, P.O. Box 7304
    Tifton, GA 31793 -- (912) 387-7373

    Name, Call, 10X, Address, Disk Size, Programs Desired
    (Note: 3.5" disk sent unless otherwise requested)

    Special Offer: 1010 & 1010CH -- $65

    Personal checks or money orders -- no credit cards, sorry.

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