The K4HAV 1010SB Contest Program

The Ultimate 1010 Contest Program - These features now in the basic 1010 Contest Program

Got a Sound Blaster or a compatible sound board? Then if so, this is the program for you! For existing 1010 users, if you thought computer contest operating was fun ... wait till you call CQ over and over again or give your information by just hitting a key. This will really save your voice during a contest. 1010SB is the basic 1010 Contest Program modified to work with your sound board to provide eight pre-recorded contest messages that can be sent while using the 1010SB program by hitting one of 8 Function keys. These messages can be recorded from within 1010SB or at the DOS prompt.

Nine off-the-air recordings can be made by hitting ALT- 1 thru ALT-9. Record the contest exchange from that rare DX, record your friend and play it back to him, or record anything that your receiver hears. A continuous loop recording (of user-specified length) can be made consisting of two recorded files that alternate. At any time stop the recording and play back one or both files to hear the last 30 seconds or two minutes (time depends on default length setting in SETUP) of whatever was on your receiver. These can be recorded to a RAM drive if desired.

Two of the messages have an optional delayed repeat feature that allows for continuous CQ’s during poor band conditions or a worked-out band. The delay is user determined in SETUP.

Transmitter PTT output keying is available at COM1 or COM2. Plans for a sample interface is supplied using Radio Shack parts that will drive one or two relays that can be configured to your particular station setup. IF VOX is used during contest operation, output can be taken directly from the sound card without using an interface with relays, etc. Each station’s setup will be different, but should be easy to hookup using the suggestions included. The transmitter’s PTT line can be keyed by hitting ALT-K if an interface is used between the computer and the transmitter.

A SETUP program allows for changing the maximum lengths of the off-the-air recordings, use of a RAM drive, choice of COM ports, sampling rate for recordings, and the repeat delay. If desired, on 1010SB startup you can disable the SB features and return to the basic 1010 program. (Some of the Function keys have a different use in 1010SB). There is no extra charge for the 1010SB version. It is now included with the basic package.

Haven‘t got a SoundBlaster? Go to a friends and borrow his for the contest or go out and buy one. You can get one for $39-69 ... or spend more depending on the model and features. After the contest use it on your games that support sound or in Windows.

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