The K4HAV 1010 Contest Program

  • Capacity for 2500+ QSO’S. Each QSO is written to disk as logged.

  • Many stations have sent copies of their contest logs to the
    author which are added to a combined database of the
    contesters. This database contains over 13,000 calls at
    present and continues to grow. During a contest most
    stations worked will already be in the database and once
    you enter the call, the balance of the info will be displayed
    on the screen for you to confirm. This saves time and also
    wear and tear on your writing or typing fingers.

  • Provisions for partial call checking against database
    and current log.

  • A complimentary copy of the K4HAV condensed
    version of WA6POZ’s database of all 10-10 numbers,
    callsigns and silent key indicators is included along with
    two SEARCH programs. This “Master List” can also be
    accessed from within the 1010 Contest Program. Hit
    the (F3) key and a pop-up window asks for the call and
    the 10-10 number will be given. Hit the (F5) key and enter
    the 10-10 number and the call will be displayed. The
    Master List’ is updated monthly.

  • A complimentary copy of W4NWP’s VP database
    and a VP SEARCH program. During a contest the VP
    number is automatically displayed if the station has one.
    You confirm it on the air and it is also saved to a
    separate ASCII file for later use.

  • Support within contest program for the BuckMaster,
    HamBase, QRZ, and SAM callsign databases. Also
    support for the HDS address database included with
    the ZIP/County add-on program. All five of these
    databases can be used at the same time if desired.
  • Many other features including on-screen help,
    on-line duping – both by call and 10-X, automatic
    DX country recognition, beam heading and
    distance for DX stations, display for requested
    DX prefix or country, display of states needed
    for “Contest WAS.” Post Contest operation for
    entering a log after the contest. The updated current
    score, operating time, overall contest rate, last 10
    QSO rate and last 100 QSO rate are displayed
    after each QSO is logged. Documentation is on
    the disk in a text file. Two choices of printed logs
    and three choices for dupesheets. Choice of on-line
    editing for lasts 9 QSO’s or entire log editing from
    a window displaying 23 QSO’s per screen. A QSL
    program for printing QSL labels is included.
    Extended or Expanded memory is not used at this time.

  • Hardware requirements are IBM compatible with
    640K memory. (Reduced capacity with less than 640K).
    Due to size of files and data, a hard disk is required,
    although a high density minimum floppy system could
    be used. An INSTALL program allows for A: or B: floppy
    to be used and will install on C: D: E: or F: hard drive
    partitions. DOS 5.0 or above is recommended but not
    required. Printer support for IBM/EPSON dot matrix
    and HP Series II laser printers.

  • The 1010 Contest Program is priced at $37.50 postpaid
    (both U. S. and DX Airmail). Please use order blank on
    Zip/County Page. Program updates are available for $10.00
    postpaid ($12.50 for DX Airmail) and include the latest
    program version and updated Master List, contester’s
    DataBase.BIG and VP list. NOTE:The 1010 Master
    List is also available for downloading on the 1010 Home Page.
    It is updated monthly.

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