The K4HAV 1010 County Hunter Program

  • A complete county record-keeping system.
    (a) All 3076 counties are in a text file which is
    read into memory. At the field to enter “County Name”
    a pop-up window appears with the counties and county
    number for the state in question. The county number
    is entered (1-3076). This reduces typing and prevents
    any county spelling errors.
    (b) If a new county is entered there will be a beep
    and a one-second message will appear to indicate a new county.
    (c) Counties worked, needed or all counties can be
    displayed in a pop-up window for a desired state.
    (d) A list of new counties worked can be displayed.
    If over 100, then a county BAR application can be printed.
    The 100 counties submitted will be flagged so they won’t
    be counted as new or submitted again.
    (e) A file conversion program will take logs from the 1010
    Contest Program and will add new stations to the 1010CH
    data file. New counties will automatically be marked.

  • A complimentary copy of the K4HAV condensed version
    of WA6POZ’s database of all 10-10 numbers, callsigns and
    silent key indicators is included along with two SEARCH
    programs. This Master List can also be accessed from
    within the 1010CH Program.

  • A complimentary copy of W4NWP’s VP database and
    K4HAV's VP SEARCH program.
  • The 1010 Contest Program’s DataBase.BIG file
    with over 13,000 active 10-10ers is included and checked
    for callsigns. If it is found in the database then the info is
    automatically entered and displayed for correction or
    confirmation. This saves much typing when entering new stations.

  • Although 1010CH is dedicated to county hunting it is
    also a multipurpose record-keeping system and has the
    following additional features: A 10-X number record system
    that prints applications for the 10-X BAR Award. DX Country
    record-keeping and prints application for the DX Award or
    upgrades. Keeps VP numbers and prints applications for
    the VP-BAR and VP-WAS Awards. Also prints 10-X WAS Award.

  • New separate WPX & Mobile programs checks the
    1010CH data file and finds all the different prefixes/Mobiles
    and prints the WPX BAR and Mobile applications.

  • Hardware requirements are IBM compatible with 640K
    memory. Due to the size of files and data, a hard disk is
    required. DOS 5.0 or above is recommended but not required.

  • The 1010CH County Hunter Program is priced at $37.50
    postpaid (both U.S. and DX Airmail). Please use order form on
    the Zip/County Page. Program updates are available for $10.00
    postpaid ($12.50 for DX Airmail) and include latest program version
    and updated Master List, contester’s DataBase.BIG and VP list.
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