K4HAV's Amateur Radio 10-X Software

I saw the CT and NA Contest programs demonstrated by K1EA and K8CC at the 1990 Dayton HamVention. These contest programs cover many different contests but not 10-10 QSO Parties. After purchasing and using these programs - being an avid 10-10 contester also - I knew that I had to use a similar contest program on the 10-10 contest. Writing to the authors of these programs inquiring about the possible 10-10 addition revealed that they had no intentions of including the 10-10 contest. Since I could find no other program to satisfy my needs I began to write the K4HAV 1010 Contest Program and first used the program during the 1990 Summer Phone 10-10 Contest in August. After the beta test in the contest it was put on the market. When 10-10 International announced the new County Hunters Award, the K4HAV 1010 County Hunter Program was introduced at the 1991 10-10 National Convention in Arlington, Texas. To aid county hunters a new program was introduced in 1992 -- the Zip Code/County Add-On Package. In 1993 the 1010 Contest Program was modified to use a Sound Blaster card as a voice keyer and the 1010SB Contest Program was born.

I have never won a 10-10 QSO Contest while using the 1010 Contest Program, but looking at the top scores from the past five years will indicate that 3 or 4 of the top five will always be 1010 users. The 1010 Contest Program was not designed to give its users an unfair advantage but to make operating more fun and to take the pain out of filling out the log and dupesheet. See the links below for detailed info on each of the programs available. NOTE: The four web pages below are designed for full screen display. If you have questions or want a flyer with an order blank please Email to Jim Hardy, K4HAV --- or just use the order instruction on the Zip/Co Page.

1010 Contest Program 1010SB Contest Program 1010 County Hunter Program ZipCode/County Add-On Package

Download 1010 Master List: Click here for latest PKZipped (V2.0) update (1/11/00) of the 1010.TXT database (268K bytes) New 75,000 Record Version. NOTE: The new 75000 record version is also available on the http://hds.net/win1010dl.htm web page and works with the existing versions of 1010 and 1010CH.
This is a database of all the 10-10 members callsigns and 10-X numbers. It is used with the Contest and the County Hunter Programs and is updated monthly. It is being made available for users to download to keep their 1010 database current. Click here for latest update (1/13/2000) of the VP.DAT database (7K bytes). Click here for latest update (8/6/99) of the Database.BIG file which has been updated with all the new vanity callsigns (117K bytes zipped).

See Win1010 – the new Hardy Data Systems 1010 Contest/County Hunter Program for Windows 95 at hds.net

Click here for Free 1010.EXE Update (Version 5.93 - 12/4/97) for Registered Users 1010 Contest Program (77,131 bytes zipped). This updated file supports the new format of the FCC Database files which can be downloaded. Click here for new add-on program for the 1010CH County Hunter Program. This update will print/display/make file of your already submitted counties for the 1010 Worked All Counties Award. (21,563 bytes zipped) dated 7/26/97.

Click here for Dupe_SH.EXE Update (1/13/98) for Registered Users of the 1010 Contest Program (83,123 bytes zipped). This update prints the logs with the new 3 point scoring for DX Stations. Read the LogInfo.TXT file which is included in the zipped file for further info. There is a DX version also included in the zipped file (LogDupe.ZIP)

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